The BusinessOptics Platform Documentation Portal

Documentation is an important part of any non-trivial technical platform. Right from the beginning it has been important to us that we provide accurate documentation for the BusinessOptics platform, all the way from modelling reference documentation through to tutorials to easily on board new users through to more advanced exercises to help intermediate level users extend their skill sets and get more value from the system.

Recently we centralised and updated our documentation. Our new documentation can be found at https://docs.businessoptics.biz. Currently our documentation includes:

  • Introductory Material
  • Modelling and usage tutorials
  • More advanced modelling exercises
  • Best practices and guidelines
  • Expression language and operator reference
  • API Reference for developers and integrators


Learning to model requires a degree of commitment and patience, but with only a few days of practice it is possible to become productive and proficient using the BusinessOptics platform. This is possible in part because of the easier high level abstractions and code-free visual nature of BusinessOptics, but also because of the variety of structured tutorials and exercises that are available. The available tutorials take the user through the basic foundational concepts of BusinessOptics; through to creating their own simple models, visualisations and dashboards; all the way to creating sophisticated machine learning based solutions to more complex problems like credit risk.


Full reference materials and a wealth of examples exist for all the operators in the BusinessOptics platform. The examples are automatically kept up-to-date so you can be sure that what ever you see in the examples is a correct reflection of what is in the platform. Each operator has a description of what it does, and should be used for as well as multiple examples. Each example is based around a simple use case, and shows in details the inputs, outputs and parameters used as well as a diagram of the logical structure. All of these examples are fully searchable allowing for easy exploration.

Expression Builder
The Expression Builder


The integration of BusinessOptics into your existing enterprise systems or web applications often forms an important component of the value we add. As we wrote about previously, everything in the BusinessOptics platform is built around a standardised self-documenting REST API. Because the API is self documenting developers can be certain that what they read in the documentation is exactly how the API works, removing the frustration of out of date and poorly maintained documentation that can be a huge impediment to integration exercises.

We are continually adding more material to our documentation, including more examples and more exercises. We have seen that with our current documentation new teams can be on-boarded to the BusinessOptics platform and start solving hard problems in minimal time compared to more traditional approaches.

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